WHO Warns of Catastrophic Hunger, Lack of Sanitation in Gaza as War Continues

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the war with Israel and Hamas continues in Gaza, the World Health Organization said Gaza is facing catastrophic levels of food insecurity and a lack of sanitation.  

The WHO said a lack of access to restrooms, showers, shelters, clean water and food jeopardize the health and survival of nearly two million people who have been displaced in Gaza due to the war. Out of those who have been displaced, they estimate about 1.4-million people are staying in overcrowded shelters. The WHO estimates in Gaza today there is on average one shower for 4,500 people and one toilet for nearly 220 people. The WHO said the people of Gaza now face death from starvation and diseases that could easily treated with a functioning health system but access to health services in Gaza has plummeted as the war continues.  

US officials said nearly two hundred trucks with humanitarian aid have recently made it into Gaza but complications like truck inspections have held up some of the relief going to the people who need it the most. 

“Nobody can look at the images coming out of Gaza and not feel, not feel a sense of pain and anguish for so many innocent people that have been displaced from their homes,” said NSC spokesperson John Kirby. “Families killed, many wounded. A lot of fear and uncertainty. We feel that anguish too every single day that’s why we have worked leading the world in terms of getting humanitarian assistance to Gaza.”  

US officials said their main goal is to help Israel protect itself so that another October 7th attack does not happen again. But there are some calls from some congressional members for Israel to transition to more lower intensity military operations to help deter additional civilian deaths. US officials didn’t go into further detail on Israel making those military transitions but believe that is the direction Israel will eventually go in their war against Hamas.