US Blocks Another United Nations Resolution Calling for Ceasefire

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The US has blocked a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Instead, the US is offering a different proposal for the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The US told other members they are looking for a temporary ceasefire, but their focus is on releasing the hostages.  

The US was the lone “no” vote on the resolution.13 other nations voted for it. The UK abstained from the vote. The resolution, which was drafted by Algeria, demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. A resolution or decision by the Security Council can move forward is only when all five permanent members of the security council agree. In this case, the US used their veto power, which blocked the resolution. This was the third time the US vetoed a UNSC resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. But the US defended it’s no vote. The US Ambassador to the UN said they are worried the resolution would interfere in the current hostage negotiations taking place.   

“Proceeding with a vote today was wishful and irresponsible. And so while we cannot support a resolution that would put sensitive negotiations in jeopardy, we look forward to engaging on a text that we believe will address so many of the concerns we all share a text that can and should be adopted by the council so that we can have a temporary ceasefire as soon as practicable based.” 

Most of the members, including the US, also reiterated a growing concern about a potential ground offensive in the Gaza city of Rafah. That’s where nearly 1.5-million civilians have fled to. The US said a major ground offensive in Rafah should not proceed under current circumstances.