Ukraine’s Cultural Forces take their Performances from the Battlefields to America

WASHINGTON, D.C. – More than two years into Russia’s war on Ukraine, the fighting continues. A group of Ukrainian military members who have faced the harsh reality of war but have talents in music, poetry and theater, created a group called Ukraine’s Cultural Forces. They perform for Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the front lines. They’re performing across the US to show their thanks for America’s continued support for Ukraine.  

At the Ukraine House in Washington, D.C., there was a one-of-a-kind performance. A performance from members of Ukraine’s military. Mykolai Sierga, a popular Ukrainian TV presenter, musician and producer recognized the importance of continuing to share Ukrainian art and music even in the toughest times. He helped create Ukraine’s Cultural Forces. They’re a group of military members, many of which were professional artists before the war. Instead of performing at concert halls, their stage is now the battlefield.  

“Culture is not a common thing for the army,” said Sierga.  

But Russia’s invasion in February of 2022 led many of these artists to enlist. Many of them have fought some of the toughest battles and paid heavy prices, like losing an eye or a leg. But through Ukraine’s Cultural Forces, they can continue their service by sharing popular and Ukrainian culture with the soldiers on the frontlines.  

“Artists will not rest,” said Sierga. “I think we will work more during the war.” 

Sierga said their performances with soldiers help connect with them about the struggles they face. It’s also an outlet to honor their Ukrainian identity.  

“We are fighting for the soul,” said Sierga. “And you are helping us fight for the soul.” 

They will be visiting and performing in New York City, Cleveland, Detroit, Kalamazoo and other cities in the next few weeks. Their tour is to share their gratitude for the United States’ continued support in their fight against Russia.