Texas Man Legally Changes Name to “Literally Anybody Else” Runs for Presidency

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This year’s presidential elections are a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Some people might say they would rather vote for literally anybody else than Trump or Biden. Well, one North Texas man is trying to make that a reality.   

“This is a rally cry,” said Literally Anybody Else. You read that correctly. His name is Literally Anybody Else. Mr. Else had his name legally changed from Dustin Ebey to Literally Anybody Else. He’s even posted a picture of his Texas driver’s license to prove it.  

“The name change was necessary because if I ran as Dustin Ebey, you and I would not be talking,” said Else.  

Else is an army veteran and a current North Texas teacher. He said the name change was to grab attention, which he is certainly getting. But he said the name change is more about a movement and feeling among voters who would rather pick literally anybody else over Trump or Biden.  

“In that despair I saw an opportunity to bring the voices that resonated with me to one focal point and that’s kind of what the name is,” said Else. “When you see the headline ‘Literally Anybody Else for President’ you understand the person here is wanting something better. We want something different. We do not want the same old rematch as an American people.” 

According to a December 2023 AP poll, the public is not looking forward to a Biden-Trump rematch. 58 percent would be unhappy if Trump was the Republican nominee and 56 percent would be unhappy if Biden was the Democratic nominee. Else said his campaign is about sending a message on the lack of options for our highest office.  

“That’s what this whole campaign has been about: unifying the country that has been split apart by two opposing parties,” said Else.  

Else is running for the independent nomination but he has a long way to go. In Texas, he has to get more than 113-thousand signatures before mid-May from people that did not participate in the primary for either party in Texas. Else said he has a better chance with voters if they actually write “Literally Anybody Else” on the ballot.