Supreme Court Heard Arguments in Trump’s Ballot Eligibility Case

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The nine Supreme Court Justices are wading in uncharted legal territory. They heard arguments in whether former President Donald Trump is ineligible for another term in office because of his conduct surrounding the 2020 election results. 

Other than a large press presence, the majority of people outside the Supreme Court are those in favor of keeping Trump off the ballot for the 2024 election. The Court heard arguments stemming from a Colorado state Supreme Court ruling. That ruling said the former President is ineligible to be on the ballot because of his attempts to subvert the 2020 election. It referred to the 14th amendment, a Civil War era provision, that prohibits people from holding office if they engaged in insurrection.  

“Trump is trouble,” said Alice Robeson who does not support Trump. “We all know what he did.”  

“Hopefully we can get a victory for Trump here,” said Gabriel Chambers, who supports Trump.  

In the hearing, the Justices seemed skeptical about kicking Trump off the ballot. Trump, who was not in DC for the hearing, seemed confident after the arguments wrapped up.  

“I was watching the Supreme Court today, I thought it was a very beautiful process,” said Trump. “I hope democracy in this country will continue.” 

Whichever way this case goes it will have huge implications in the 2024 presidential elections. The outcome could determine and provide clarity about Trump’s eligibility for the primary and general election ballots. The Court could also weigh in on the insurrection clause.  

“The Supreme Court can tell us they’re brave enough to make the right decision today,” said Robeson.  

“Whether Trump wins or lose this case there’s still a path to victory for him to win in November,” said Chambers.  

It’s unclear when the Court will rule on this but they have expedited the case because of the upcoming election.