Special Counsel Requests Supreme Court to Allow Trump’s Election Case to go to Trial without Delay

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Supreme Court could decide if the trial for the 2020 election interference case against former President Donald Trump should be delayed or not. It’s one of four criminal cases against the former president. Special Counsel Jack Smith is asking the Supreme Court Justices to let his federal case, which accuses Trump of trying to overturn the election results, to go to trial without any more delays.  

In a Supreme Court filing, the Special Counsel said the charged crimes “strike at the heart of our democracy” adding that “A President’s alleged criminal scheme to overturn an election and thwart the peaceful transfer of power to his successor should be the last place to recognize a novel form of absolute immunity from federal criminal law.”  

This filing follows Trump’s request earlier this week asking Justices for an extended pause in the case as the Justices consider whether to take up the question if the former President is immune from prosecution for official acts in the White House.  

The timing of this case, as well as his other cases, is an important part of this. The case 2020 election interference case is already postponed by his immunity appeal. The Special Counsel is looking to go to trial this year. Hypothetically, if Trump was to be reelected with this case pending, some argue he could use his authority as head of the executive branch to order the Justice Department to dismiss it or could maybe even pardon himself.