House, Senate Work to Finalize Budget Before Deadline

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Time is running out for congress to agree on a budget. Members have until mid- November to pass spending bills to avert a government shutdown. 

The House and Senate are both working on these spending bills but are taking different approaches. While there’s been some movement, there’s still some doubt the budget can get finalized before that mid-November deadline. 

Members avoided a government shutdown just before October by passing a continuing resolution. It’s not a final solution but it keeps the lights on through November 17th. Congress has a dozen spending bills they need to pass before that deadline. The House and Senate have passed a couple of their own versions for some of these bills. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R- LA) told Fox News over the weekend their priority is to keep the government funded. The Speaker added if November 17th comes around and they’re unable to finish before the deadline, they’ll look at another stopgap measure.