House Moves Forward with Foreign Aid Package as Johnson Faces Pressure from GOP Hardliners

WASHINGTON, D.C. — House lawmakers met today to discuss a four-part foreign aid package that would deliver billions of dollars to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. 

The House Rules Committee considered the three foreign aid bills, totaling roughly $95 billion, similar to the foreign aid package passed by the Senate in February. It includes roughly $61 billion for Ukraine, $26 billion for Israel and $8 billion for the Indo-Pacific. 

A fourth bill includes GOP priorities, like sanctions on Iran and a measure that could lead to a nationwide ban of TikTok. 

If approved by the committee, the bills could see a vote on as early as this weekend. Support from House Democrats would be necessary to send the aid, especially for Ukraine, to the Senate. 

Speaker Mike Johnson (R- LA) unveiled the legislation yesterday and said supporting Ukraine is the right thing to do. The Speaker is now facing immense pressure from within his conference and even a motion to remove him from his position. 

Hardline conservative members in the House are very disappointed with Johnson. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R- GA) motion to vacate the chair is picking up momentum among far-right members. 

Despite the pressure, Johnson plans to push forward. 

“I’m doing here what I believe to be the right thing. I think providing lethal aid to Ukraine right now is critically important,” said Speaker Johnson on Wednesday. 

If Johnson delivers on Ukraine, Democrats could deliver a lifeline from a motion to vacate. 

“We don’t like the chaos and the dysfunction. We want this place to work. We stand willing to work with anyone who wants to deliver on that help and support,” said Rep. Pete Aguilar (D- CA), the Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. 

Unless there are changes to current rules, like increasing the threshold necessary to trigger an ouster, a vote to remove Johnson could be inevitable. 

“I’m not sure why anybody would want to take that vote,” said Rep. Mike Kelly (R- PA). 

Many Republicans, including Kelly, do not support another motion to vacate. 

“I would like to think that the Speaker’s working very hard. I think he’s come up with some great ideas, especially when we talk about single votes as opposed to a whole, whole package,” said Rep. Mike Kelly (R- PA). “I think he’s done everything to appease everybody. But at the end of the day, I don’t know that that’s possible, especially in the environment that we’re in right now.” 

House Democrats met Thursday morning to discuss whether they should throw Johnson a lifeline if or when his job is on the line. Some Democrats have been vocal about standing with Johnson if the times comes, others want to hold out on making that decision, hoping that some extra time will give them extra leverage.