House GOP Members React to Failed Third Round of Speaker Elections

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Ohio Representative Jim Jordan (R- OH) is out in the running for Speaker of the House. On the third floor vote on Friday, Jordan lost even more support than he had in the previous two votes. Republican members are growing more frustrated that their conference can’t reach a consensus. 

Congressman Mike Kelly (R- PA), who has been one of roughly 20 plus republicans voting against Jordan, told us Jordan was not the first pick in their first round of closed-door elections a week ago. Kelly is upset that Jordan’s supporters would not support Rep. Steve Scalise (R- LA), who originally won those closed-door elections, if there was an election for Scalise as Speaker.  

Before the GOP met again behind closed doors on Friday, Rep, Glenn “GT” Thompson (R- PA) questioned if it’s time for Jordan to move on from running for Speaker and open the election to other candidates that might be interested in the position. After Jordan’s third failed vote, it looks like that is the next move for the House GOP. 

“It’s a messy process there’s no doubt about it,” said Rep. Thompson. “Unfortunately it shouldn’t have happened to begin with what a handful of individuals with a personal agenda did to Speaker McCarthy and that has just compounded things with what happened to Steve Scalise. Steve is a good man obviously has sacrificed himself for this country and now Jim Jordan. Jim is a good guy. Obviously there are people that have different types of concerns this will get resolved I just wish it was done by now.” 

“I am a big fan of Jim Jordan,” said Rep. Kelly. “So anyone who is watching don’t think I’m not. I want Jim Jordan to continue his role as the Chairman of the Judiciary to continue on the investigation on what’s going on in the Biden administration. Finish that work. There will be another time and another opportunity for you to run as Speaker.” 

Members will meet again on Monday and regroup from there but as of right now, there’s no frontrunner for the Speaker position.