House Considers Law Enforcement, Border Bills

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In part of the National Police week celebration in Washington, D.C., which honors and remembers law enforcement officers who gave their lives on the line of duty, the House is bringing to the floor a series of bills that highlight support for law enforcement. 

New York Representative Nick Langworhty (R- NY) said these bills are aimed at supporting law enforcement during the Biden administration’s border policies.  

“America’s law enforcement officers are on the frontlines of the Biden border crisis,” said Rep. Langworthy. “Bearing the brunt of the president’s open border policies that are threatening the security of our nation and laying waste to our communities.”  

In these bills, it would require immigration and customs enforcement to detain any illegal immigrant who has been charged with or convicted of assaulting a law enforcement officer. Another bill would require the Department of Justice to report to congress about violent attacks on law enforcement officers. It also requires the DOJ to report how traumatic incidents affect the mental health and wellness of officers. And that’s not all:  

“Finally in H. Res 1210, condemns the Biden administration’s failed border policies that have resulted in 9.3 million along our borders in less than four years and that doesn’t include those that have evaded border patrol,” said Rep. Langworthy.  

Democrats argue these bills won’t keep people safe. 

“None of them will help the police, none of them will keep our communities safe,” said Rep. Jim McGovern (D- MA). “We have a ton of BS bills going after immigrants and let me remind everyone, it was Republicans who killed their bipartisan border security bill in the Senate.” 

“Republicans have called to abolish the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the ATF,” added Rep. McGovern. “They have showed at every single juncture their pro police rhetoric is just that: rhetoric.”