Democratic Senators Express Concern on Possible Government Shutdown

WASHINGTON, D.C. – New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D- NY) and Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey (D- PA) are concerned a government shutdown will hurt families across the nation and impact our economy.  

Gillibrand said a government shutdown would impact hundreds of thousands of federal employees as well as thousands of service members, who will be furloughed or forced to work without pay until congress approves a spending measure. 

Casey told us food safety inspections would be delayed, water inspections would be delayed and nutrition programs that helps about seven million low-income women, babies and children, known as the WIC program, would be impacted if there is a government shutdown.  

While House republicans are still having a hard time convincing their own members to pass these budget bills, Casey is praising the Senate for working in a bipartisan way. The Senate recently moved to advance legislation that would keep the government funded through mid-November.  

Both Senators are calling on Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and House republicans to work together to avert a shutdown. Casey also adds he’s frustrated that Speaker McCarthy said the Senate short-term resolution doesn’t have enough support in the House.  

“The one thing McCarthy has been unwilling to do is negotiate with Democrats, which is just a mistake on his part,” said Sen. Gillibrand. “And I think it’s because he had to give away so much of his power when he was negotiating his speakership. So the far-right have a veto threat on almost everything that McCarthy is doing. He’s listening to a handful of ultra conservative Republicans who don’t care if the government shuts down.” 

“He’s allowing, he’s permitting a group of extremists to hijack this process and shut the government down,” said Sen. Casey. “So if it happens and I pray that it doesn’t, we’ve [the Senate] already done our job and I hope the House can work this out. If the government shuts down, it’s the fault of one group of legislators: House Republicans.” 

Congress has until midnight on September 30th to finalize a budget.