Congressional Ukraine Caucus Advocates for Ukraine Support

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Next Saturday marks two years of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine. While the war continues, experts warn Ukraine is running out of ammo and hope the US and our allies continue to help them push back against Russia.  

We’ve seen first hand the devastation the war has had on the Ukrainian people while we were on the ground in Lviv, Ukraine in November 2022. People there deal with power outages and the threat of missile attacks. We’ve also seen a massive amount of Ukrainians flee into neighboring countries like Poland and beyond. They’re seeking refuge and waiting for the war to end.  

“When Putin attacked Ukraine, he attacked the entire liberty loving world,” said Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D- OH).  

“They’re suffering for the fight for democracy,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D- TX). “Their families are being torn apart for the fight for democracy. Their children are being separated, lost and deprogrammed, reprogrammed to believe they’re no longer Ukrainian. How tragic. How much that is like genocide that you would take children and strip them of their essence.” 

The Congressional Ukrainian Caucus, a bipartisan group, wants members to put party differences aside to help Ukraine. Some members are calling on the Speaker of the House Mike Johnson to put the Senate’s 95-billion dollar foreign aid bill, which includes funding for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, on the floor for a vote. That bill does not include border policy provisions and the Speaker seems unlikely to put it to a vote. 

 “We are trying to stand with the Ukrainian people,” said Rep. Jackson Lee. “Civilian and military alike.” 

Most recently, a handful of House members released their own version of a Ukraine aid bill which included money for Taiwan, Israel and changes to the border policy. It’s unclear if that proposal will have a better chance on the House floor.  

“There are wars of dictators ruled by guns that is invading democracies that has a rule of law,” said Rep. Joe Wilson (R- SC).  

While congress takes their time in weighing their options, analysts warn Ukraine is running out of time. Officials said Russian forces are beginning to overwhelm parts of eastern Ukraine. And Ukraine is desperate for help.